Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oscar Night Cookies

These cookies were so exciting to make!  It was definitely an iterative process.  I started by printing off a sheet of Oscar images and taping them onto a cookie sheet.  I taped parchment paper over the sheet of images and began piping over the images with white royal icing.  These were left to dry and harden overnight.

When I was sure they were dry, I hit the bottle of Ever Clear to make the glittery paint to get Oscar ready for Oscar night!

I mixed just a bit of EverClear and Wilton Pearl Dust.
I experimented with both bronze and gold to make the shimmer.

Oscar gets bling-ed up!
I made the cookies at the same time I made the cookies for Nick's birthday.  I love the elegance of the scalloped edge cookie cutter.  I piped a black border using a tip 1.

My hand is always so shaky, but I'm getting better at working quickly!
Next, I used 10 second thinned royal icing and a tip 2 to fill in the cookies.  Notice my glass for holding the overturned bottle to prevent air bubbles, and the painted Oscars were ready to go into the wet icing.

I gently placed Oscar onto the wet icing and smoothed him down just a tidge.

He wasn't bling-ed up enough so I added a few black dots to each side and ran a toothpick through the dots.  IMHO wet-on-wet icing is always so elegant.

I added a few extra dots for a little more design.

And there you have it!  All dressed and ready to go to the red carpet!

The kids said they actually look like bells.  However, they were kind enough to tell me
they look very classy.  I think they like the simplicity of the finished cookie.  I could've used a
tip 0 or 00 to pip Oscar so it wouldn't have spread as much.  Oh, well...I'm still learning what works.


  1. These are just GORGEOUS! I'd love to include you in my Oscar linky party, so please feel free to c'mon over & link up!


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