Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras

We love to celebrate Mardi Gras as I have told in the past....


This year I finally made the Mardi Gras mask cookies I've been wanting to since 2009!  That year I made mask cookies to sell at our parish Mardi Gras festival.  This year, I cut out the eyes, added sticks for holding, and decorated them with ribbons.  I love them!

I've also wanted to figure out a way to make a ribbon spool holder for when I have to make bows for packaging or in this case, decorating.  I didn't want anything permanent, so I used a couple screw in hooks, S hooks (paper clips that I pulled apart!), and an old curtain rod.  It worked great!  I will leave the screw hooks in but take down the paper clips and rod.  

Now for more celebration prep....Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!


  1. These are really great, Grace - you're so creative! Did the children play with them for long or was it too tempting to eat them all up?!!

  2. They're actually going to use them tonight during our dinner time Mardi Gras celebration. They probably won't last long then.:) Thanks!

  3. The cookies are so cute! What a great idea.
    Congrats on the blog award

  4. Thank you, Monique! I appreciate your kindness.:)

  5. Gorgeous!!!! You are so talented. And, very clever ribbon spool holder -- a great idea.

  6. Cathy, thank you! I can't wait to use that ribbon spool holder again.:)


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