Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Love-ly Day

I have had so many projects on the brain...knitting, quilting, paper crafting, cookie making...plus there's school and finishing up basketball for the "big girls". It's been a busy last few days.  However, I never fail to quickly browse my Google Reader in the morning to check out the blogs I follow.  One of these blogs is a pastry blog from Spain written by three sisters.  Today they dedicated their post to their mother.  I love this blog in particular because all the posts are written in Spanish.  After reading their post today, I was in tears to read how tenderly they described their mother and the passion she instilled in them to pursue their love of baking.  I hope that I'm able to see my children grow up to have passion, interests, and love for each other like these sisters have.

I thought of my own girls and how much I enjoy being around them.  I love making and sharing things with them.  I love their jokes, their silliness, their insights, and their interests.  They are truly interesting people that add a special spice to my life.  They and the boys have sat at the table in my craft room over the last few days watching me cut pieces for my quilt and sew them at the machine.  They've worked on Latin, Math, Geography, and Spelling while I busily work at my projects.  They've cheered me on with my knitting project and given me their opinions when something doesn't look right.  They are always eager to eat a burnt or misshapen cookie or tell me when something is a flop.  They are brutally honest!

Valentine's Day bags

Yesterday, they made Valentine's for each other and their friends in preparation for a party this afternoon.  I came up with a cheesy Valentine for Daddy just like his cheese Valentine for me.  I am looking forward to a little date night with him tonight.  He has given me the most special Valentines that have made my life and my world so worth living.  He actually gave me seven of them!

Today I am so grateful.  My heart is so full of love for my family and the friends God has placed in our lives.  These friends invited our family over for a little party.  I am encouraged by my friend who also enjoys her children and longs to see them grow up the same way.  We love our husbands and our lives.  I am ever so grateful for hers and their friendship.  They are truly a blessing!


  1. Grace,

    I love sharing with my daughters too! I could just feel your love for your family as I read your post. So often I am overcome with a similar joy when I contemplate all I have. Hasn't God overly blessed us? I hope you had a perfect Valentine's Day with your special people.

  2. Thanks, Sue.:) I hope you had a love-ly Valentine's day , too.


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