Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yarning Along....Dishcloths

I've needed more dishcloths.  As great as they are for cleaning in the kitchen, they do wear out.  I had some crazy idea they would be the last dishcloths I'd ever need and make.  Not so!  They do wear out and get gunky and stiff even if I put them in pails of bleach.  So I've been scrounging around the house looking for all the leftover skeins of Sugar & Cream yarn to make more.  I finished all of the Christmas gifts and am half way through a pair of socks for Monica, but right now these dishcloths take precedence.

We're also reading The Last of the Mohicans (Great Illustrated Classics Version).  After looking over the original,
I thought I'd better try this version so I wouldn't have to stop after every sentence to explain the vocabulary and meanings.  A cop out...I know.:(
I'm still reading another Willa Cather book, O Pioneers!  I'm at Part V - Alexandra.  It's been a great read as I love all the description and Cather's style of writing.  The story is believable and exciting.  I finished A Lost Lady a week ago.  That wasn't as exciting as O Pioneers!, and nothing beats My Antonia which I finished last summer.  Next, I'd like to read Death Comes for the Archbishop, but I think I'll wait because I have Tess of the D'Urbervilles on my bookshelf and a long list of other books that have popped up that I'd like to read from the following bloggers:

  • Death Comes to Pemberly was recommended by Ana but was given a mixed review by Faith.
  • Brideshead Revisited piqued my interest after Callah posted about it.
  • Dracula also sounds interesting after Jen said she couldn't put it down!
As for the kids, here is what they are reading and knitting....

Monica - still working on finishing leg warmers for her friend, Milah.  She meant to have them ready for Milah's skating lessons, but those lessons were finished in December.  Monica is still knitting away every chance she gets!  She's reading The Father Brown Mysteries by G.K. Chesterton on her Kindle which reminds me I still need to post about the Open House we attended last week at Chesterton Academy.

Maria is reading The Outcast by Rosemary Sutcliffe on her Kindle.  It is the first in a trilogy of literature based on Ancient history.  She's also knitting a beret for her American Girl doll to match some AG clothes she received for Christmas from Monica.  She's working on size 1 DPN's so her work is slower than usual.

Molly is getting into the Nancy Drew Mysteries and is currently reading The Secret of the Old Clock and would like to read The Hidden Staircase next.  She is interested in learning to crochet in a circle, but is still practicing with a chain.

Lucas has been enjoying some of the books by Tomie DePaola.  He and Gabe love The Quicksand Book and are now asking when they can make quicksand.  I think we'll wait on that little project!  And Gabe is still reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as I posted recently.  He gets such a kick out of the Oompa Loompas!

You can see what others are knitting and reading by hopping over to Ginny's.


  1. That is such pretty yarn, Grace. The colors remind me of candy buttons! I love the idea of knitting a practical item for the home...I'm just learning now, but these look doable as my first "real" project!

    And I like your book choices...I have never seen that particular Tomie book, and I thought I had seen them all!

  2. Thank you. Oh, yes, dishcloths are so easy! That would make a great first project. I learned to knit while reading by making dishcloths. I love that because now I can take my knitting to games and actually watch them while I knit!!:)

  3. My next project is to crochet some new dishcloths and pot holders for our kitchen. It seems weird to even be planning on a project for myself though!

  4. I feel the same way, Heather! I don't see the dishcloths as a "me" project, however. It's more like a "we need these right now!" project.:) I can't even conceive of making a cowl or a shawl for myself. Even the ruanna I made for myself last year, I gave away at Christmas.:( Oh, well...there will be time


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