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Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real & A Review

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Daddy and I visited Chesterton Academy last Tuesday with Monica.  We received the notice of an Open House just days before in our email inbox.  Reason being, I had inquired about their a la carte Homeschool classes just in case that might be an option for us.  I was deterred by the cost of the classes in comparison to what we've paid for Yeah Academy and Memoria Press Online Classes.


Photo taken of the girls by their friend, Milah

I love this shot a friend took of Maria during a photo shoot.  I love the JOY of this picture!
 The girls are getting older and their needs are changing, however.  Where I had always planned to homeschool them through High School, now I am not so sure.  This year has been different with trying our hand at Unschooling.  Maria likes the freedom and has enjoyed the putsy stuff being removed from her schedule leaving time for studying two instruments and pursuing Latin and her crafts with more time.   Monica has greatly enjoyed the removal of the putsy stuff to focus on two languages, two instruments, and playing sports with our parish school.  Their schedules are plenty packed, but I also noticed something else.  Monica lugs her books around everywhere.  She's always working on Latin or Math, will make sure she's staying on track with her literature study, and recently asked me for a research project.  To coordinate with her study of French, I chose a Jackdaw packet on Napoleon.  These packets are pretty awesome as they contain copies of primary source documents, photos, and just plain old interesting stuff you just can't get from reading through textbooks.  It's a fun way to go in depth in a history subject.


I can't remember who gave us this print, but it always makes me happy.

As I was going to bed, I was just happy that my nightstand wasn't too overly cluttered.
Now your servant can rest in peace, Lord!
After watching Monica for the last few months, Daddy and I felt she might welcome the challenge and rigor of a High School along with all it entails.  Monica was already making plans to play sports at the local High School or a similar Christian High School that welcomes homeschoolers who want to play sports.


The boys have been enjoying sharing a room together again.  Yes, we moved all the kids around AGAIN.  I won't
bore you with the details!
 I looked at Chesterton Academy's curriculum, their mission, and schedule a couple year's ago; but I was unimpressed.  I can't remember what turned me off or didn't jazz me, but when I looked at those things again in preparation for the Open House, something was different.  It's like my heart and mind weren't ready to embrace another option.  Could they be ready now?  Monica is still a year off from attending if she does so we have some time to get our head's wrapped around what this could mean for our family.  But at least I'm open to the possibility of change.


Daddy has another book in his book basket...The Book of Man  by Bill Bennett was suggested by a friend.
Thank you, Carmen, by the way!  A wonderful suggestion...we both love this book!
You can look at Chesterton's curriculum here and here.  You can read about their mission here.  It also doesn't hurt that I feel comforted in knowing the director and his wife whom I've known for a few years now and also home schools four of their children, and I attended UD with the wife of the Latin teacher.

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