Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Back to Blogging

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I was too tired after Christmas to get back to blogging so to rest a bit we took a trip up to Northern MN for a friend's wedding.  I know that sounds crazy....to go to Northern Minnesota where it's colder...for a break.  It was actually a fun weekend with a beautiful wedding, a fun family, and a bit of a break from the norm.  It's always a challenge to pack us all into two hotel rooms, load and unload the van, and take the grief from all the disappointments along the way like no time to stop and play at a McDonald's play place, or no swimming in the pool because the weather's bad and we really should get on the road, or no you can't stay up and watch a movie because you already stayed up dancing at the reception.

In spite of all that, it was still a fun time UNTIL we realized we didn't have our camera in the van or in any of our bags or under any of the coats!  I spent Sunday and Monday calling the gas stations, fast food places, and our hotel twice just to make sure it didn't roll out and get crushed by a semi at one of the stops along I-94.  We finally found that it was left behind at our hotel...thank God!  Further, the parents of the bride are planning a trip to the Cities tomorrow and will be bringing our camera.

I know it shouldn't really matter, but it does matter when you want to take quick shots around the house of all the fun things and the not so fun things and your misplaced camera is just the gadget to let you do that. I really like my camera.  I've learned a lot about it and about photography.  I take more pictures now than I ever did before.  It makes me want to take pictures.  I call that a mark of a good camera right there.  I also took some great shots at the wedding that I wanted to share here on the blog, but I can't because the card is in the camera and the camera is still in Crookston!!!   Ugh!!!

Anyhoo, Monica and I were able to take a few shots with the....uh, you know, the point & shoot.  It's sad how you start to put your nose up to the camera you used to love.  What can I say...I'm fickle!


This is the mobile the kids and the art teacher made back in Fall.  They colored the leaves
and attached them to little twigs.  It's balanced with string in just the right places
so it dangles and spins above my desk!  I love it!


Busy kids make me happy.....as they work puzzles...

This is one of the 500 piece shaped puzzles given to the kids for Christmas by Uncle Fred.  Awesome challenge!

We finally finished it last evening!! Yes!!

...and tinker with the motor in a toy train.

He still hasn't been able to get it to work, but I love that he wanted to try.


The Christmas decoration boxes never really made it back downstairs for storage.  They decided
to wait until the Christmas season is over. 

Funny how Daddy just moved right in during the 12 Days of Christmas to get back to painting the dining room.  Notice the Christmas plates moved over to make room for the ESP wall cleaner, the sandpaper on the sack of grapefruits, and the bucket 'o tools alongside.  I'm sure you spotted the double painting lights over in the corner!


The Kings have been speeding up their journey to make it for tomorrow morning!  They probably got distracted reading one of our Christmas books...Christmas Remembered by Tomie DePaola.

You can see more Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real moments by clicking on the button above.  And you should definitely click on over and read Leila's post.  Her insights on saving the culture are spot on!  BTW...it's good to be back...Happy New Year!

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