Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just one more...

Load of laundry before I go,
Email to send,
Bill to pay,
Call to make,
Stitch to sew,
Cut to make,
Dish to load.....

I do at least one of these things every time I should be getting my coat on and getting my butt out the door to drop of a kid, get to a meeting, meet someone, get to Mass or confession. And without fail, I'm almost always inevitably late! I've missed opening talks, the Gospel, and not to mention the comments and disappointment from the kids because I make them late. Why do I do this? I think it's because I think whatever that last thing is that I want to do will only take a minute which really means I want it to take more like 15-20 seconds because that's really all the time I have to spare. Does anything ever take only a minute? There's always a glitch that happens.

The phone rings and I have to answer it,
Someone yells from a bathroom they need help,
Someone yells that Nick needs a diaper change,
I remember something else I have to do before I do that one last thing,
I have to go to the bathroom,
I realize I don't have any make-up on!

I probably have ADHD, but I really don't want to find out if that's true. For now, I'm happy not knowing. And by the way, I thought I should try to get one more post in before I go to bed because I'm under the crazy assumption that I'm a Super Mom!

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  1. From one Super (tired) Mom to another...you're doing great! Keep up the great work with your amazing family and only get done what you can. The rest will surely be there when you return! :-)

  2. I know how these things go as well! I always think I have plenty of time to finish/start something only to discover I don't and we're late (mostly) thanks to me.
    And you're still a super mom late or not. :)

  3. Thanks, Heather & Rachel. It's nice to find that other mommies get it.:)


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