Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cast Iron Tips and a Great Deal

I just thought of a few things I wanted to share here about caring and seasoning cast iron. The first is a video I found on YouTube explaining how to season a cast iron skillet. I've acquired my skillets from thrift stores, estate sales, and as gifts. When you first see a cast iron skillet it may have a grey appearance and look rather dull. Seasoning the skillet will result in a beautiful, shiny black coating that becomes the "nonstick" of the skillet. Remember that cast iron ensures even heating and retention of that heat. These are the excellent qualities of cast iron. This is why Le Creuset prides itself on being an excellent maker of French cookware. Granted, they believe you'll be easily persuaded by the beautiful enamel coating colors of their pieces. But I have found that I like the pioneer look of a black skillet. The price is also better!!


This second site is my "go to" guy for care and maintenance of my cast iron.  The Pan Man also has tips for seasoning cast iron, but personally I like videos since I'm a visual gal.  Here is his link.

I also wanted to pass along that right now Costco has a great deal on the KitchenAid Professional HD 575 Watt mixer.  You get an instant $50 rebate and a coupon for a $30 mail in rebate.  Yes, that's $80 off the price.  I shopped around on Amazon and Overstocks and couldn't get a better price than $219 for this mixer.  So if you didn't get one for Christmas or The Kings didn't drop one off at Epiphany, now you can snag a great deal and get a great mixer to boot!  My older KitchenAid mixer had a 3.5 quart bowl, but this monster has the 5 1/2 qt. bowl.  I can't wait to use it...I finally got mine out of the box last night.  Talk about restraining one's will!  I actually only waited because I needed Daddy's help to remove it from the box and he was busy writing a paper.  Oh, well.

Happy Cooking!

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