Sunday, January 29, 2012

Basketball Cookies for Maria

 We worked on Maria's cookies on Friday.  These were super fun to make.  The basketballs, of course, were easy...just simple circles with orange royal icing.  I used a food writer to mark the lines and piped them in black.

Next, Maria really wanted me to try to make a backboard and net.  I used a wedding cake cutter and modified it a bit using a template I traced onto card stock.  I've done this before.  You can make any template from a tracing.  You just have to hand cut it with a knife or pizza cutter.

If you flip this upside down, doesn't it look like the beginnings  of a backboard and net?
I hope you see it, too!

Here's my card stock template and my knife.

When we placed the cookies on the sheets, they reminded me of milk bottles!  I'll have to make a batch of milk bottles for the State Fair in honor of the Dairy Barn!

Decorating them was pretty easy.  I used royal icing...white, black and red.  I used to use piping bags exclusively to decorate cookies, but have since found it WAY easier to decorate cookies using 10 second icing and plastic squeeze bottles.  My favorite tips are #1, #1.5, and #2.  I use #2 tips for piping a border and flooding the cookies.  I use the smaller tips for piping the details.  The consistency of the icing is what makes all the difference.  You can check out both of these places for icing consistency tutorials:

Sweet Sugar Belle
Sweet Ambs

I think the cookies came out very cute and most importantly, Maria loves them!

I then had an idea that came to me from a Pinterest post.  I've never thought of little tags for my cookies.  I used to seal them in cello bags and glue a little ribbon bow on the tops.  These were always cute, but I think this is way cuter.

I sealed the cookies and then ran down to find scrapbook paper that would fit the theme.  I found this sports sayings paper that was just perfect!  I cut 4 X 3 pieces of paper, folded them in half long way, and then stapled them onto the sealed tops of the bags.  I think they look so finished and cute in the box.  Maria was so happy when she saw them!

These are the party favors that will go home with the girls.  Aren't they cute?
And here's the best part that makes me happy.  This is the beautiful little girl that was born to us 11 years ago today.

Maria at 5 years old
Maria, a beautiful young lady, with her sisters and Daddy before the
Little Flower's Snowflake Dance


  1. Happy Birthday, Maria!

    Grace, your cookies are so impressive. Very special!

    I hope you all enjoy the birthday celebrations.

  2. Wow! In the second picture, Maria looks like a mini-Grace!

  3. Thanks, Sue.:) You think so, Michelle? A lot of people say that, but I don't see it. Funny, huh?

  4. You are so talented with tremendous patience. They turned out great!

    Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!

  5. Thanks, Heather! I will try to bake up a little surprise for this weekend. I hope you don't have too much dessert planned for the kids.:)


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