Friday, January 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes: The Backed Up Edition

Finally, I'm able to get a chance as I sit here at Molly's basketball practice to get caught up on a photo download!

1. A few leftover Christmas decoration shots...

This is another of our nativities. It's a Precious Moments nativity (not one of my favorites) that was given to us from one of Daddy's patients.

You can barely tell it's an angel, but I thought I would take a pic of one of the ornaments that we obtained when the oldest girls were the ages of Nick and Jane!

2. A bit of Christmas morning

At first the kids thought Jane received an iPad for Christmas! Inside they found a Disney princess pillow case. She loves it!!!

3. The New Year's wedding in northern MN

Daddy was looking dapper!

The bride opted for individual mini cakes on all of the tables. I thought that was very cake line, and everyone received a decent sized piece of cake. One piece was left....mine!

The happy couple danced to the first song as the littlest reception attendees looked on in wonder. Jane kept calling the bride a "princess!"

4. The technologically savvy homeschoolers...

5. A heady conversation about Latin...

6. The newest member of the family...

This is "Pepper" our replacement hamster after Bitty died the day we returned from the wedding. It was a sad homecoming and farewell to the sweetest pet we've had so far. Pepper is very different. She is a full sized hamster, is black, and is fat and not very active. The kids love that she is very friendly and not too interested in escaping from her cage!

7. This kid loves to read!

Gabriel just discovered the world of Roald Dahl. Here he is reading "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". I had to buy a reading lamp for his bed so he can stay up to read. I fear I may be changing up the room configurations again for the readers and the tired athletes. It seems the target is always changing for who can share a room with who. Ugh!

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