Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

round button chicken

 ~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


Red and Pink Roses from the gardens for the MTA...Mother Thrice Admirable,
Queen and Victoress of Schoenstatt!

Can Lighting and a Fan!


That you can go from this....

Bare, naked ceiling!:(
to this....

1.  Holes

2.  Wiring

3.  Installing cans

4.  Access panels for controls

5.  Add a fan!
in just a morning!


Playing Dress-Ups in the backyard in 90 degree weather!

Real birds in a window, and a real hamster found at last!:)

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

St. Anthony, St. Francis! Sts. Peter & Paul, we need you! UPDATE:)

After cleaning the cages yesterday, the girls forgot to put the water bottle back in the hole in the top of the cage.:(  Bitty has been climbing the sides of the cage so I had joked that one day he would escape.  Well, he did!  He's either loose somewhere in the house, or he's outside about to be killed by a predator.  I'm just imagining finally smelling a smell of a dead thing in one of the closets.  Please say a quick prayer we find Bitty soon.  We purchased a live trap to catch him.  Monica will be baiting it shortly!

Bitty has been found!  The neighbor girl, Milah, came over to help Monica look.  She started looking in a closet taking every shoe out to inspect.  On the first shoe, she exclaimed that Bitty was right there staring back at her!  We're so relieved.:)  Thanks for the prayers.  Those saints work quick!

He Made It!!

I just wanted to post briefly that our little hermit crab made it!!  Here it is in all its glory.:)

Meanwhile back here at the ranch, we're having 4 can lights and a ceiling fan installed in the Living Room.  Oh, the fun never stops!!  More on this later.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Real Treasure

It's no secret we live in a Democratic state.  It's evident with the numbers of social reform and welfare organizations, last week's Pride parade, and all the tax dollars getting sucked out of our pocketbooks.  One definitely has to look on the bright side of being "happy to pay for a better Minnesota!"  One of the many ways our tax dollars are used is for park upkeep.  We are fortunate enough to live near a beautiful park and pond.  It is a county park nestled in our neighborhood which is even tucked away from one of the main highways.  I have posted a few times on the beautiful things we find at the park from wildlife to flowers.  It's always a nature-filled experience when we go there.

Today I shooed the kids out of the house, told them to take their sketch books, and bike to the park.  They obediently went.  When Nick woke up from his nap, I gathered up a few snacks, loaded Nick and Jane in the wagon, and left for the park.  The kids were happy to show me their sketches and even happier that I had a snack!

Monica and Maria quickly grabbed the camera and started a photo shoot with Jane.  She loves to have her picture taken so she is a willing subject.

Dinnertime always calls us back home.  Until next time...

I guess today I'm happy to pay for a better Minnesota!:)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Monday

Daddy passed off the tasks of conditioning and staining the new front door to me and the kids.  Since Monica was busy finishing up work for her Logic class and the younger kids were at morning sports, the job was left to Maria and me.

This was easier than I thought unless we screwed something up!:(

In other science-related news, one of the hermit crabs provided quite the science lesson today.  Lucas noticed a white "thing" next to the crab's shell.  Curiosity led us to grab the shell and inspect it.  Upon further inspection, we found something moving inside that had claws much like a crab.  We also picked up the white thing which looked like claws and like half the body was torn off.  We immediately suspected the crab was attacked and half eaten.  Quickly, we thought to do a Google search on hermit crabs and molting.  Monica found that hermit crabs do indeed molt, but should remain undisturbed.  The crab is apparently very soft still and must be allowed to harden in its shell.  The newly molted crab will then EAT his molted exoskeleton....I guess there's some important protein there.  Needless to say, the girls returned the shell and moltings where we found everything to see if the crab survives after all of our manipulating.:(  I hope it does make it.  The crabs have been a lot of fun to watch!

Sorry for the fuzzy picture.  It's hard to focus with so many moving water particles.:(
The shell is obvious, but look next to it.  Those orange, little tips are the tips of the molted claws.   The
fuzzy white above that is the part of the exoskeleton that looked ripped off and eaten.  Cool, huh?!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Soccer 2011

Daddy has been coaching a U8 team for Molly and Lucas.  He knew it was time to pay his dues and volunteer as a coach.  It's been okay with an older youngest baby.  Monica on the other hand has been on a traveling team since May.  Here are a few of my past posts on soccer...

Soccer 2007
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Soccer 2011

I can't believe she is now on a traveling team after playing for 6 years!  She's growing up so fast!  She was invited to participate in a soccer tournament this weekend with the other SAV Husky team.  She loved getting the feel of other Minnesota teams and how aggressive they can be.  It was quite the experience for me.  I've never considered myself a soccer mom.  I don't have a soccer decal on my van nor do I have a soccer mom t-shirt.  I don't live for the games.  I'm actually lucky to get to any of them!  Well, here's Monica on the field. She really loves the game!

Feast of Corpus Christi

Today was a beautiful day.  The weather was cooperating, we had a beautiful Mass and Eucharistic Procession, and we picked up our new front door!  Daddy grilled a mean bunch of burgers on the grill tonight which made a perfect ending to a perfect day.  Here are a few pics from the procession...

Friday, June 24, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Weekday Link-Ups

When I started blogging again in earnest, I found all kinds of memes out for every day of the week.  Unless you plan out and schedule your link-ups, you're bound to fall off the wagon sooner or later.  I've found that it's best to just shoot for one if not a couple per week.  Some weeks I don't do them at all.  Sheesh!  Most times, I'm scrambling for material, taking pics left, right, and center, and trying to shoo everyone away from me so I can type my post and link it up!  This can be very stressful.  In case, you're an over-achieving blogger, here's a quick list of the daily link-ups I've found.  Knock yourself out!

1.  Monday - The Simple Woman's Daybook...I'm anything but a simple woman.  I'm very complex, very out of the ordinary, a plain old pandora's box.

I need to mail this package out to a friend who just had a baby.
If I wait too long, the clothes just may not fit!:(

2.  Tuesday - Tackle It Tuesday...I'm not one for tackling that much on Tuesday since I'm usually tuckered out from Monday's mayhem.  How's that for a little alliteration?:)  However, this week I tackled the windows that were installed by priming and painting them.  I also got those 3 last chairs covered.  All's left is the piping and backing!  

3.  Wednesday - Wordless Wednesday...If you've noticed, I can't do a post with only a picture.  I inevitably will add a caption to describe why I chose the pic, or I, at the very least, have got to say a little "hello" or "have a good week"...That's just how I roll.;)

4.  Thursday - Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real...I really am enjoying this one.  I get to knock out 4 different pics all in one post, and I don't need a lot of wording.  Quick that!

5.  Friday - 7 Quick Takes...This is what I'm doing now!  The lovely Jen over at Conversion Diary just had her Conversion Baby Girl.:)  Her name is Pamela Scholastica.  That's quite the name.:)

The girls are happy to be home.  I'm happy they're home, too.:)

6.  Weekend - I typically don't do any blogging on Saturday or Sunday, and I'd rather not.  If anyone has a good meme, though, please pass it along.  Sometimes, I blog on the weekend just to catch up and archive stuff from the week.:)

Unlike not blogging on the weekend, I really do weigh my food every day of the week.:)

7.  This was a lot of fun to give a shout out to those blogs that host pretty interesting memes.  Do you have a meme that you'd like to launch?  If so, I just might link up!;)

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whole Lot of Crazy Going On

On Sunday we took a little road trip to Sleepy Eye, MN (yes, it really does exist!) just southwest of New Ulm.  We were dropping off the two oldest girls plus two friends at their annual Schoenstatt Camp.  Schoenstatt is German for "beautiful place."  That it is!

The little Shrine on the grounds.  It only holds about 20 people comfortably!

We have been hampered for a while by a nonfunctioning CD player in the van.  Nick doesn't do well on road trips...

 so we had to come up with a solution.

The MTA (Mother Thrice Admirable) was guiding us safely there and back.

Happy Baby!

I've been missing the girls and feeling like I've been working a construction job every day around 5PM.  I've been so physically exhausted!  I'm now realizing just how much the girls help me around the house with anything from childcare to food prep.  I'm going to have to start paying them for being my Mother's Helper!  

I've also been working like a fiend trying to finish recovering the chairs.  Three of them actually needed new foam so I had to steal pick some up at Joanne's.  This stuff is expensive because it's made from petroleum.  Sheesh!

I used the old cushion as a template.

Here's the outline before I cut it.

I got my handy dandy serrated knife.

It cut like a hot knife through butta!


I added a little glue to adhere the cushion to the wood seat.

Next, I wrapped it in batting.

This worked very well.  After I stapled the batting to the seat bottom, I took my fabric, wrapped it all up and stapled that on.  The seat is great!  It's very firm and now only needs the piping added to it so it will look like these...

While all this was going on, there was a lot of activity downstairs.  We are having old windows replaced in 4 different locations.

This one is being replaced on the east side of the house.  Another window just like it will be replaced in the laundry room.

This one is being replaced on the west side of the house in the girls' new room (used to be the office).  Another one just like it will be replaced by the living area where we have our sectional and television.  This type of window can be opened to let in a breeze of air and is clear enough to let sunlight in downstairs.  Yes!!!!  I am a child of the light.:)

The other kids have been enjoying a lot of play time at an intramural sports program at our local Catholic school.  They've also been dodging the raindrops for snacks and games on the deck.

We had a lot of sirens today but no tornadoes!  Phew!  Try getting all your kids down in a basement that's a construction zone.  No, thank you!

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