Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sometimes the Time is Right...

for skating!  We were worried the snow we got a couple weeks ago would affect the ponds.  They weren't really frozen yet, and snow on an unfrozen pond is not good for anything.  But with the warmer weather and the bright sun we had over the last week, the snow melted off the ponds and refroze on top leaving a clear, glassy surface.  The neighbor called yesterday and asked if school was still in session.  I said today would be better.  After lunch the kids were ready to go.  Sometimes the time and the weather is just perfect for ice skating.  You have to take it!

Meanwhile, I'm roasting a turkey and trying to get more cookie decorating done.  Managing toddlers is slowing me down a bit, or we may just bag it to go and watch the skaters.  Although, I love that I can see them from the front windows!

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