Monday, December 12, 2011

On The Brink of Insanity

Mondays typically suck, but today took the cake!  It's still pretty bad, and there are no real signs that it will get better, and there are only a couple more hours left in it.  

I forgot.  I forgot how difficult it is on the brain and the body to single-parent.  Last night for the start of the week it hit me that I'm "it."  I stayed up late going through the mail, checking on the bills, found one that was due today, and had to pay it online.  Online there's a post all to itself!   After all that administrative stuff, I realized I needed to put out the trash and ALL. THE. RECYCLING.  Do you know what recycling for a family of 9 looks like?  We may as well start a recycling plant right in our backyard because I know we're filling the majority of one!  I was grateful that the weather has been warmer so I didn't freeze my arse off lugging the receptacles out to the curb.

When I was finally ready to go to bed, I realized that the dishwasher still needed to be loaded and there were a few loads of laundry just waiting for me.

Molly and Jane's recitals were this evening at the same time Monica was supposed to have a basketball game.  I dropped Nick off at his godparents' place because I knew handling him at the recitals probably would have put me over the edge.  When we got the dancers to the school where the recitals were being held, I got a call from Monica saying she was locked out of her bedroom so she couldn't get her b-ball uniform.  She was pleading for me to come back home because I had both sets of keys that would unlock the door.  I know you have lots of questions at this point....don't ask!

I drove back.  I gave her my keys.  I yelled at her.  Grandma was waiting in the driveway to take her to her game.  Monica came upstairs to tell me it wasn't working and there must be something wrong with the lock.  I tried the lock to no avail.  I told her to grab her coat & shoes, I sent Grandma home, and broke it to Monica that she'd have to miss her game.  Talk about crying in your beer!

So after crying my eyeballs out to my sponsor tonight because I've been running around non-stop today  so I didn't have time to do my journalling, the girls came up to ask me if I could unlock their door.   I sat down there with 2 sets of keys, 5 butter knives, a bobby pin, a lock pick, a giant flat blade screwdriver, a crow bar, and a rubber mallet.  AND I STILL CAN'T GET THE DA.. THING OPEN!!!!!

And to top it all off, these are the things that are running through my mind....
  • We didn't do anything to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe which was today except for throw around a few Spanish expletives at the lock situation.  Does that count?
  • I wanted to bake Christmas cookies for my religion class students, but it's too late for that now.
  • I'm torn up about either calling a locksmith tomorrow or breaking the lock myself.  I don't want to spend money on a  locksmith or having to replace the door frame from my potential demo job.
  • I'm sad I probably won't do anything for St. Lucia day tomorrow except maybe throw around a few more expletives only this time in Swedish.  Does that count?
  • I'm sleepy, I'm tired, I'm pre-menstrual.
  • I miss Daddy and there's only so much you can ask your children to do before they start falling apart.
Does that make any sense?  Does anyone have any advice for the lock or about the value of time and sanity and how calling a locksmith wouldn't be such a bad idea?  I've checked about 10 YouTube videos. It's a lock that requires a key on the outside to open it.  It has a little protruding thing on the inside that you turn clockwise to lock the door.  Help!


  1. Oh Grace, I wish I could help you, what a mess:( Praying you get this worked out. By the way, Happy Birthday :)

  2. Thanks, Cathy! I appreciate all the love and support I received.:) Blessings, Grace


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