Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm So...Random

I was in bake-mode today.  I've had cookies on the brain all week in eager anticipation of the cookie exchange I'm hosting here next Friday.  Daddy will be off on a hunting trip in New Mexico so the kids and I will have a run of the place for a whole week!  I'm actually looking forward to it.  Daddy is, too.  I've heard all I'll ever need to know about Reserve, NM, the wolf population and the government's protection of it, wild bears, guns (big and small), camo, Gore-Tex, elk bugling, THE RUT, geo-caching, etc., etc.  Which reminds me I'm supposed to be knitting a blaze orange hunting hat for my beloved!  I'd better get on that.

So today I knew I better get a jump on things.  I made the sugar cookie and gingerbread doughs yesterday so I was ready to roll this morning.  I ended up making only 3 dozen cookies and have another 3 dozen to go.  Why couldn't I do them all at once?  Well...I also made construction gingerbread for making these...

However, I won't be filling my little gingerbread boxes with cookies.  They'll each get a tea light instead to make cute centerpieces.

I'm also making these little cookie-type ornaments for hanging from the chandelier...

Aren't they cute?

I also made chocolate chip cookies since the kids were drooling all over the kitchen asking if they could have one of the cookies.  I had to give them something for snack time today.

It was in the midst of all of this cookie baking that my thoughts wandered over to cinquains.  I know that sounds random and it is, but I just started trying to put a poem together as I was inspired by the smells in the kitchen.  This is what starts to happen when you don't get to eat any of your baking creations.  Those smells need an outlet so the brain finds one.

So I decided to give the kids a little instruction on making a cinquain.  Monica rolled her eyes, Maria humphed, Molly started to hyperventilate, and Lucas and Gabe just stared at me blankly.  Jane, on the other hand, quickly said she wanted to make one!  Oh, the spritely young!

This is what they finally came up with...

Cookies - Molly

Christmas cookies
The icing is soft and
Shiny...a rainbow of color

Snow - Gabe

White snow
Falls from the sky
Onto the faded grass.
Time to go sledding and skiing.
So fun!

Advent - Monica

Watch! Wait!
Prepare for Christ.
Hope, Peace, Joy, Love!  Candles
Shine bright in anticipation.
Watch! Wait!

Gingerbread - Lucas

Gingerbread men
Made of spices so good.
Roll the dough, cut, and
Bake it.
So cute!

Christmas Lights - Maria

Drive by
See the bright lights
Twinkling in the dark
Nets, icicles, chasers, all very

They recopied their poems, we cropped them, and cut ornaments using the Cricut cutter and a new cartridge I bought on Black Friday.

I just sat and smiled at the final look of the poems....

I finally figured out how to use the Layer option with the cutter!

Here are a couple of other pics I took around the house.  These make me smile, too!

Hope your First Week of Advent has gone well.
Ours has been....interesting!

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