Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Baking

I, too, have gotten wrapped up in Christmas baking.  After I finished up with the Cookie Exchange and making the Spritz for the kids, I decided to have another round at sugar cookie baking.

After this...

and this...

I was able to come up with these...

I also made mittens, but I don't know where those pictures are!:(  I love, love, love decorating cookies and when all the right pieces come together...even oven heating, chilled dough, icing consistency, and the right shades of color....it can be a glorious experience for me.  I get so happy.  The kids wanted to get their little grubby hands on these but only Daddy was able to be my taste-tester.  Otherwise, which kid would you choose?  Then you have to give everyone a cookie making your number go down by at least half a dozen!  Sheesh!

I checked my cupboards for tins...I really like tins...to store the cookies in.  This led me to run to my local thrift store to check for tins there.  I was wondering what all the hubbub was about with so many cars in the parking lot.  Turns out yesterday was a VIP day.  Having a VIP card would get you 50% off all merchandise!  I unfortunately never signed up to get a VIP card.  A nice gentleman was kind enough to let me use his VIP card so I could get the discount.  Talk about Christmas cheer!!

One of my favorite purchases yesterday was this AWESOME cast iron mold.  You can make just about anything bread-y in this thing....cornbread, muffins, cake, cookies, candy, or brownies.

Isn't it cute?  I decided to make brownies so I had to use all my culinary expertise to figure out how to get the little buggers out of the molds once cooked.  My first attempt was an utter failure because I tried using nonstick cooking spray.  The kids always love to eat my mistakes so they didn't give me time enough to snap a pic.  For my second attempt I had to get smart about what I was doing.  Greasing and flouring a pan has always yielded good results.

Filling the molds took a bit of a trick...cake or cornbread batter would work better...more runny.  I filled them right up to the top.

This was taken when I used the cooking spray...total fail!

Here they are...the little cuties!

I decided to dress them up a bit so I did this...

I hope your baking is going along nicely and that your oven doesn't need a new thermostat!  Oh, the conditions we work in out of love....(eye roll)!

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