Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yarn Along Plus an Update on Jane

Here are a couple of pics of what I've been working on....

Maria's socks....I finally finished the pair!

We'll begin Destination Bethlehem tomorrow, and I just cast on stitches to knit a pair of socks for Monica.
These will be so cute!

And I'm so happy!!!  I put this post together before Jane's appt. with Dr. A (endocrinologist) over in St. Paul.  I am ecstatic that she agrees Jane's growth over the last year has been great.  Jane's X-ray taken with Dr. D (orthopedic surgeon) last month showed that there was significant straightening of Jane's legs and that her leg and arm bones were growing at a steady rate.  Dr. A said she will hold off on growth hormone injections for Jane until she sees a plateau or a decline in her growth curve.  However, she said that if Jane continues to grow at a steady increase on the growth curve, she may not need the injections at all!  Thanks be to God!  I've been on a high all day in spite of all the running around we've had to's appt., art museum field trip, b-ball practice, acting plus we have religion tonight at the parish!  Sheesh.

Anyway, thanks for any prayers you all have said for Jane.  She's the cutest little girl with such a beautiful, sweet face.  Whenever I would think of the growth injections it would send a shiver down my spine to think she would have to get them every. single. day for at least 10 years.  Now, thanks to God, she may not need them at all.  She'll just be a little on the short me.:)

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