Saturday, November 19, 2011


Of course, I'm unprepared for today's snowfall.  I always revert back to my default excuse that I didn't grow up here.  Winter was never a big deal growing up in the panhandle of Texas.  And when the snow did finally fall giving us a glimpse into winter weather, we made a big deal out of it.  My mother would scrounge around the house trying to cobble together winter outfits for us.  We never really bought winter coats.  We had warmer ski jackets, but I never owned a pair of snow pants or serious mittens.  As far as going to Mass on Sunday morning, our dad would shovel the foot and a half of sidewalk from the front door to the car and would warm up the station wagon for at least 20 minutes for the 4 block drive from our house to the church.  Ah, the good old days!  Daddy wouldn't even think of warming up the van for me and the kiddies because after all "winter builds character!"

So here I am sewing on the buttons to my winter coat because I went to a play tonight with only one button to close it.  How sad is that?  I also noticed that I still have my dry cleaning tag from last year that I never took off.  Hey, at least I had it laundered before I put it away!

I still have to locate all the snow boots and prepare myself for all the whining and complaining tomorrow morning when the kids say they don't fit.  I have located all the hats and mittens and they have dress coats for Mass.  It's interesting how you have so many of everything here in the frigid North Woods.  There are coats for rain, coats for crisp fall weather, winter dress coats for Mass and going to the symphony or a show, ski jackets for sledding and skiing of course, dress mittens, choppers for shoveling, gloves for driving, dress boots, snow boots, Sorels in case you attend an ice race, traction clogs for shoveling, dress hats, stocking caps, berets, and hats with earflaps.  I think that's why we have a larger home...not for the people but for the stuff.  I've always argued it should be the other way around!

Here's to Winter!

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