Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Fall Fun

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I was pleased to have a little time away last Saturday to attend a workshop in downtown St. Paul with a fellow homeschooler from my area.  It was the second in a series of math workshops focusing on the method behind Singapore Math.  I was reluctant to attend since Monica has completed all of the coursework for Singapore Math and is now in New Elem. Math (NEM) I.  What could I possibly have to learn from this workshop?  Pride goeth before the fall...right?  I'm so full of myself sometimes, or is that confidence?  I'm happy to say I was glad I went.  I spent the drive time with an insightful woman who is a faithful Catholic and together we spent our time in a funky downtown loft with other likeminded people.  I learned more about the method, became even more excited to continue using Singapore, and came away with some great tips for teaching the kids.  It's always good to refocus or confirm that what you're doing is a good thing.  The third workshop will be held in January again in the Coco building in downtown St. Paul.  If you're interested to know the details of that workshop you can leave a comment in the comments section of this post and I'll get back to you.  A date was set but it will come later in a post on one of my yahoo groups.  What I do know is that it will focus on fractions.

While I was away, Daddy was severely cracking the whip to get the leaves raked in the backyard.  He's always on a mission when he has a weekend off.  Look at these tired kids!


A golden pile of leaves in front of the spot where our GARDEN will go next year!!


Jane finds a happy moment on the swing.  Incredibly she learned to swing last summer when she was 2!


Silly kids in a pile of leaves.  I think Daddy was ticked about all the leaf bits in their hair and fleece!

Monica really did take all of the pictures except for this one and one other.  I think she has a good eye!

And to prove that I'm not biased about Monica's ability to take pictures, here are a few shots she snapped for a photography class she took last summer...

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