Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm So Excited...Which is Odd...

in spite of the forecast:

7-Day Forecast


I heard on the radio that the chance of snow tomorrow night is actually 70%. I'm so excited! I can't believe that I'm excited. I usually dread the cold, or at least I have in the past. However, I think I'm accepting the reality that I am married to a Minnesotan. I have kids that are Minnesotans. The chances of me living again in Texas are pretty slim. So, acceptance is the answer for me today!

Winter makes me think of steamy mugs of cocoa with marshmallows floating gently on a creamy top, soft, warm yarn knit into snuggly mittens or a cozy hat, mornings and afternoons spent reading aloud and snuggling on the sofas, soups laden with vegetables simmering on the stove, and yummy treats baking in the oven.  All of these images come from memories of past winters.  Many times, I would grumble about the cold, the lack of sun, or an annoying draft coming from a window or door.  Even though these beautiful things were going on around me, I chose to focus on the negative.  However, the graces of my vocation were working and storing up little treasured memories in my heart.  A look at the forecast evoked these sweet memories and brought a giddiness to my senses.

I know there will be hard days.  Days when I grumble more than I should and rant at the weather when it seems endless.  Mid-January comes to mind!  However, focusing on the positive is something I should take stock in.  There has got to be more to being a mom than living for the next holiday.  Here are a few things that will help me get through the next few months:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Our 13th Anniversary
  • Advent & the Archdiocesan Advent retreat at St. Paul Seminary (Yippee!)
  • A Cookie Exchange with my friends from our parish
  • My Birthday
  • Christmas
  • A homeschool retreat at Holy Family Parish in January
  • Maria's Birthday....She already requested a day off from school.
  • Valentine's Day with the cutest Valentine...IMHO!
  • Lent...I love Lent.
  • The Feast of St. Joseph

I'm also grateful....grateful for a home, a cozy home, the fact I learned to knit well this year, I have yarn!, and the kids are all healthy and cozy in their beds. Something about winter and cold weather makes me want to snuggle up with the kids or Paul, a good book, and some real down time.  I'm happy.  My heart is full.

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