Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saint's Day Tea

I had invited another family over to celebrate with us this afternoon, but I wasn't quite sure how to go about it.  I knew I would be tired from Halloween trick-or-treating so I didn't want to plan too much.  But on our way to Mass this morning, I thought a tea would be nice for the kids.  A quick scan of the Gospel showed that we'd be hearing about the Beatitudes.


Perfect!  Now I had to come up with ideas for snacks. I enlisted the help of the older girls...it was perfect, too.

First, we played a couple rounds of "SAINT."  I downloaded Jessica's Saint Bingo cards from here.  They were such a fun treat for the kids.  I would randomly choose a saint from our Saint's Picture Book and tell a fun fact about that saint.  They were very interested and would remind me when I would forget to tell them a fun fact.

Next, we moved into the dining room where a special table of treats awaited the children.   We had the following menu:

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit - Dove Chocolates
Blessed are they who Mourn - Tear Tea (Apple Cider)
Blessed are those are Meek - Brownies (A Patch of Dirt)
Blessed are they who Hunger & Thirst - Pretzels & tiny cups of Water
Blessed are the Clean of Heart - Strawberry Hearts & Napkins
Blessed are the Peacemakers - Ritz Crackers with a Peace Sign made with Easy Cheese
Blessed are the Persecuted - Ropes and Chains (Red Vines tied in Knots)
Blessed are the Merciful - Untying the Knots in the Red Vines

Happy Feast of All Saints!

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