Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

They decided to practice their duet while Molly was practicing piano!

Kids naturally fight.  They may fight all. the. time. about various things....who gets to tell Dad what happened today, who gets to tell Mom what happened while they were with Dad, favorite toys, favorite pencils, movies to watch, who gets to go where.  Then there is who gets to play the PIANO!

Molly insists on continuing.

Never did I think the kids would fight over the piano, but they do.  The older, more experienced girls require more daily practice time.  Plus with two new instruments in the house (flute & violin) now they want to play duets together.  The younger kids get short-shrifted for piano time quite a bit.


We've had schedules posted, assigned times, sticks, name cards, etc.  Nothing seems to work.  When one of them starts to play, they all want to join in the fun.  I'll be so glad when they all finish their courses of study and can play together in harmonies or at least in unison....piano duets and the like.

Molly needs help so Monica tries to get a few notes in.

For now, it's a bit stressful to endure the constant bickering and the clanging of keys to make a point!

I finally tell the girls to practice in another room so Molly can finish.
Now they're fighting over which board game to play, and which piece to be, and who gets to go first, and....Ugh!

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