Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

How do we celebrate these holy days?  In a few different ways.  Some of the kids dress as saints and some dress as their favorite characters or with their favorite dress-ups.  It's all good.  Our pendulum has swung back and forth regarding Halloween.  We've organized and attended All Saint's parties and Halloween parties on this night.  One year we decided just not to do anything.  This is what we've come to in terms of a conclusion...that I'm sure will change over the next few years.

We love to watch A Charlie Brown Halloween thanks to TX Grandpa.

We also love to watch old episodes of the Munsters...Daddy loves the 60's surf guitar in these old shows!

We also love to dress up so here are this year's chosen get-ups.

Darth Vader & St. Juan Diego (complete with an iron on transfer of OLG)

A Flamenco dancer, St. Joan of Arc, and the boys

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton & St. Clare

St. Lucy (complete with a wreath of roses & a plate of eyeballs!)

And right now to wax a little nostalgic while I pass out candy, I'm listening to Scary Sounds off a You Tube download which includes Chinese water torture!!  Do you remember that?  I sure do!!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Great costumes! I totally remember the 'Scary Sounds.' Wasn't that a Disney record? We had it, and Matt and I would go in the basement and listen to it under a blanket. Will have to go and scare myself tonight through youtube for old time's sake. :)

  2. Yes, that's the one! My oldest brother used to put that on for us younger kids & wouldn't let us leave the room when we started crying. He and my dad also rigged up a speaker to the front door to scare kids on Halloween night. Old times!!


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