Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So Inspired, But So Busy

I've had so many things on my mind to blog about, shoot photo tutorials about, etc.  However, I've been busy living this life rather than archiving it.  I've been crazy busy with projects for and with the kids.  We're still canning, and school is going along pretty smoothly.  All the kids are happy with their relaxed schedule as am I.  It's felt good to let some of our "busywork" go and live life enjoying learning as we go.  We've continued our weekly trips to the library, read alouds, art class with Miss Marianne, and we introduced a Math tutor, Mr. Toney.

Lucas and Gabe enjoying a book about WWII.

The older girls are also playing soccer with the parish school teams while Molly and Jane are taking dance classes.  The boys are taking a break before Hockey starts up in the awful upcoming winter months.

Meanwhile, we've still been canning....

and canning....

and canning!

We've also been enjoying a lot of beautiful weather days at our new neighborhood park.  Just this afternoon, I sat under the new pavilion at one of the two new picnic tables.  The kids love the new park!

Daddy also spent Sunday with three of the kids while visiting his parent's relatives out in Wyoming, MN for their Pioneer Days.  They ended up visiting Grandpa's childhood farm, Lazybrook Farm, and his cousin's place.  He introduced himself as Mr. Bits or The Old Beaver!

The kids wish we could live on a farm.  I secretly do, too!  For now we'll have to settle for what we have making do with preparing for our garden and chickens in the near future.  We have what we, family, health, and lots and lots of fun!

Getting Back to a Routine

Things really started to fall into place when we made the commitment to attend daily Mass.  We figured we'd be getting up early if the kids attended a school so why not get up early for Mass.  The kids love it and are up and ready to go down to breakfast to finish up in time to observe the fast.  I'm very proud of their efforts.  It's really helped me to hone in on what I know in my heart is important.  Is it easy?  No.  Is it worth it?  Yes!  It's taken me seven children and almost 13 years of marriage to GET BACK to attending daily Mass.  I had kept that deep desire so well guarded inside of me that the flame ignited all over again when we started going regularly.  It definitely helps that the older kids serve as examples for the littles and can also lend a hand with squirmy children.  Daddy even joins us sometimes and always offers to take Nick to the cry room.  Meanwhile, we try to keep Jane busy with LOTS of picture books and a special shirt that she likes to button and unbutton all. the. time!  I sweat a lot during Mass wondering if we're disturbing the elderly crowd that have been attending regularly just to have their peaceful morning "apple cart" upset by us.  I wonder if they think, "I should just stay home," and "Why is she trying so hard?" or "What time does she make those poor kids get up?"  But I try to push all of that devil evil aside and focus on being there....being in front of our Lord....just being there....just being....just....that's right....quiet.

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