Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real....Peach Cobbla & other stuff

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We're not from the east coast, but Daddy sure wishes he was.  He's a mix of all things fun.  We just received our box of peaches after a couple days of order confusion....Colorado peaches.  The yummiest peaches on the PLANET!  We've already had our fair share of summer peaches, but we couldn't resist helping out a local organization and getting a good deal.  So I asked Monica to make a peach cobbler.  I've been too sick with a cold to do anything more except lie on the couch and knit so she was up to the task.  Here's the yummy result...

Real homemade peach cobbla.

I live through these yummy experiments with smells.  Unfortunately, I can't even smell right now.  So, I'll have to satisfy myself with this photo.

Here's another peek at a bit of our weekend....

Taco Daze and Gammelgarden Museum in Scandia

A taco no matter how Scandinavian can make you happy!

On Sunday, I gave haircuts in the backyard.  I HATE giving haircuts, but Daddy insisted that I try to teach the girls how to cut the boys' hair.  Once I get going it turns out to be a bit more fun, and I don't think the girls really learned anything, but oh well.

It's funny how he kept sucking on his sucker even though it had hair on it!

And as if that weren't enough for a Sunday, we went on to stain the deck.  Everyone did a little something to move this process along.

Doesn't it look pretty!:)  It took 5 years, but we finally have it....almost completed.  Phew!

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