Monday, September 12, 2011

Lots of Questions About Resources!

A Homeschooling Meme

Sue over at Stories of an Unschooling Family tagged me for this meme so here goes...

One homeschooling book you have enjoyed.

I can't really narrow it down to one so I'll cheat and give you two...Homeschooling with Gentleness by Suzie Andres and The Latin-Centered Curriculum by Andrew Campbell.  Both of these books have inspired me to go for multum non multa!

 One resource you wouldn’t be without.

That would have to be our internet connection.  I don't know how I could possibly keep up with all the questions I have and get asked without Google or any other search engine via the internet.  Not to mention my ability to stay connected with other people.  Even though the connection is virtual, the support network is amazing.

One resource you wish you’d never bought:

That would have to be Writing Strands.  I bought it on a referral from The Well Trained Mind, 1st Edition.  I'm not a writer and I sure can't teach others how to write well.  I know grammar, but I can't write concise, well-thought out pieces.  I make a lot of writing mistakes, and I honestly don't know super-good writing from ok writing.  Writing Strands was very dry and didn't bring us anything but frustration and ultimately we stopped doing the assignments.  I've enjoyed having Monica take Writing Foundations classes at YEAH academy.  Because of finances this year, I opted for another writing program based on another recommendation.  I'm wondering how this one will go.  The jury's still out!

One resource you enjoyed last year:

Our coffee table book entitled Life of Christ.  It's so awesome to have huge reproductions of Jesus' life depicted in art.  The kids love these very large pictures and all the detail they can see.

The book doubles as a handy stand for your matryoshka, too!

One resource you wished existed:

My husband working from home.  I wish he could do consulting work from here so he could be with us all day long.:)

One homeschooling catalogue you enjoy reading:

I actually enjoy reading Rainbow Resource's catalogue because I like to find our books for the following year, and I like to get ideas for certain subjects or interests.  It reminds me of getting The Big Book every Christmas season and going through with a pen circling things I wanted for Christmas!

One homeschooling website you use regularly:

We use Memoria Press's Online Academy regularly because that is where Monica does her online Latin class.  We have to check the syllabus, products overview, teacher comments, and other updates frequently.

All done! Now I have to tag 6 other homeschoolers to join in this Resource game:

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  1. Thank you for joining in, Grace. I enjoyed reading about your resources.

    I haven't seen The Latin Centred Curriculum. I shall follow the link!

  2. This meme looks fun! I look forward to playing. :)


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