Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gabe....I love that kid

Here are some of the things he said today...

"I think I have the 'whipping' cough."

"Double barrel, double barrel!" (He said this to alert me that Nick had snot running out of both of his nostrils that needed to be wiped.)....TMI, I know.

"Quick I need a band-aid.  I'm bleeding!" (He had a giant red bead stuck on one of his fingers trying to trick me.)

He's always telling me he's reading at a 10th grade reading level.  I just nod and let him keep reading to me.  Sure, Gabe!

And this afternoon when all the big kids left for choir and piano, the little kids were napping, and I needed to lie down to rest, he chose to play outside instead of come in and watch default when I'm sick and can't keep kids busy.  Thankfully, he made up his own fun.  Yes!

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