Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yarning Along...I Think I Love to Knit

When I started knitting again this winter I wasn't sure I really liked knitting.  I mean, I was making so many mistakes, I was knitting differently than the girls, and I didn't really like the supplies...types of needles, having to buy so many, and all the choices of yarn were overwhelming.  I thought I just really love to sew so I should stick to that.  I realized I really do love to sew, but I started to miss knitting.  I missed having a bag with a yarn stash and needles that I could just pull out and work on while sitting and waiting or listening.  So I started making dishcloths and more dishcloths and more dishcloths.  I have SO. MANY. dishcloths now!

Last week I decided to try something different...something a little cooler in terms of hip & happenin' instead of cool as in cooler temps.  I really was under the impression that you should only knit in cold temperatures because, well, yarn is hot.  It's fuzzy and snuggly and just begs to be wrapped around something.  I'm burning to a crisp with the crazy temps we've been having.  Could I really knit something that wouldn't make me want to cuddle up and take a nap?

I won some yarn...some very nice yarn that I would never buy for myself... a few months ago through an online giveaway.  It's beautiful and soft and beautiful and soft...well you get the picture.  It's NICE yarn! It's a gorgeous color.  Here's a peek:

So I went to this very cool place in Northeast Minneapolis affectionately known as "Nordeast."  Here's a peek at where I went:

Crafty Planet

It really looks like this inside...very cool!


I received a lot of help, knitting needles that I'm falling in love with, an idea for a project, and a great resource for learning more for all my crafting needs.:)  So now I'm Yarning Along again.  I like to think of it as a little treat for sitting down, taking a load off, and decompressing.  Here's what I'm working on:

It hopefully will be a shrug.  The pattern name is Zoe and can be found in a free download at Ravelry.  I had to pull out my A to Z of Knitting to figure what is meant by "picking up stitches."  I love learning new things and figuring them out.

Another cool thing is that I found a new friend at our neighborhood Block Party this evening.  Her name is Mrs. Anderson, and she's probably in her 80's.  She lives a few streets down from me and is an experienced knitter.  I sat with her this evening as she tried to guide me through the set-up for the shrug.  She invited me to stop over anytime to "talk knitting" with her.  Isn't that SWEET!

Here are some pics of the Block Party...

Registration & Name Tags

Face Painting

Bucket Toss

A Rarity...Playing in the Street!

Goofing off in a police car by activating the siren too. many. times!!

Tricycle Races

Jane didn't like the siren.:(

See more Yarn Alongs over at Ginny's.

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