Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yarning Along

I am enjoying knitting AGAIN!  After all the frustration with starting my shrug and trying to figure out how to join and knit in the round for Molly's skirt, I finally arrived at a happy place with my knitting.  I figured out how to join and knit in the round after watching this video and feeling so stupid that it was that simple.  OK, I'm not stupid...just slow or maybe I think things should be more complicated than they are.  Oh, well!

Yes, it's actually that easy.  After that, I had to get used to continuing to knit using the Continental method (that's the way I knit).  For some reason, I thought my yarn was switched to the other side and I was getting so confused.  Now I have the beginnings of Molly's skirt!

Furthermore, I asked our Art teacher, Miss Marianne, to show me how she purls.  She showed me after becoming so frustrated when I was showing her how I do it.  Auntie Leila mentioned Norwegian purling yesterday in her post about her grandson's sweater...very cute by the way.  Well, that's how Miss Marianne purls!  She doesn't call it that, but she did say her mother taught her how to purl and she was Danish.  Interesting!

So here's what I knitting and my knitting bible that I use because I'm a visual learner.

The yellow is Molly's skirt and the burgundy is my shrug.  
See more yarny creations over at Ginny's and say a little prayer for all the people in her area that were affected by the earthquake yesterday.  I still can't believe an earthquake could occur on the East Coast.

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