Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time to Recharge

We worked frantically trying to get everything cleared off our desks so we could take some time to recharge our batteries before the "official" school year starts.  Daddy really wanted to go camping, but with Nick's age, camping was just out of the question.  We looked up Agate Lake Resort on the off chance they might have a cabin open large enough to accommodate our family.  Turns out they did!

We rented a spacious 4-bedroom cabin just cozy enough and isolated enough to get away from the city and  get settled for a week.

Lots of fun for the kiddies!

Lots of down-time for me!
Here's what breakfast looked like this morning before going into Nisswa for Mass.

This is the cross above the tabernacle at St. Christopher's Parish in Nisswa.

The kids and my brother enjoyed a lot of swim action after lunch.  We are all having such a blast and much needed rest.

I may blog again this week.  I'm not sure...maybe if I need to come and play ping pong or watch a game on TV or sit in front of the fire place with Daddy, I just might bring my computer along.  Hmmm?  I've gotta think about that one!;)

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