Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real - Random

round button chicken

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


I found this authentic Tiffany floor lamp on Craig's List.
It fits perfectly behind my green chair and adds the height I needed in
this corner of the room.  Isn't it lovely?

A Renaissance Flat Cap I made for the play next week....I have 1 more costume
and 1 more flat cap to make.  Phew!

Jane doing stamping work on the deck.


Maria has been happy to attend a Band Camp over the last
two weeks.  She has decided to take private instruction, however.
She is enjoying the flute!

Our shipment of books for the new school year arrived
two days ago.  I finally got around to opening it.  The kids
love getting new books.:)


Maria took a picture of her dolls - Kaya, Pedro, and Marta Rose - to send to
one of her new pen pals.   The girls' dolls send tiny notes back and forth
through their sweet is that?  The pen-pal's dolls requested a picture!

This is part of the clearing project we have been working on.  Behind me was a large lilac bush.  We removed it that day.
Since then, all of those plants behind and next to me in the pic have been cleared away.

Here Monica is cutting limbs for brushing and hauling away the remains of the lilac bush.  All of that shrubbery behind her has since been cleared and removed.
I would like to write more, something inspiring, but I've been way too crazy busy to sit down and think.  I am very happy with all of the projects we've been undertaking...brushing, trimming hedges, I have 2 knitting projects going, I need to start on a quilt, finishing costumes, plus keeping up with the day-to-day.  Life has been fun with the kids...very busy, but fun.  They are growing up so much and are very capable now.  As a matter of fact, Monica is at a babysitting job this evening for our Adoration partner couple.  She'll be 12 on the 21st and has grown into quite the young lady.  Maria is also growing up quickly...they all are.  Even Nick is communicating a lot more by signing and saying a few words.  He can now say:  shoe, park, car, ball, bye, and hi.  He signs for "milk, " "more," and "all done."  It's such a joy to be the mother of this family.  I'm so happy...filled to the brim with love and joy for this life, this vocation, this journey.

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