Monday, August 8, 2011

Little Flowers Summer Service Project

Our Little Flowers Homeschool Group finally finished the quilt they were making.  A service trip was organized to visit the Cerenity Senior Care/Marian of St. Paul Residence Center.  The residents were definitely waiting anxiously in the cafe area for the performers to arrive!  The girls and their siblings entertained with songs, music, visiting, and treats.

After the programs and social time, the girls and the mothers followed one of the residents that was selected to receive the quilt back to her apartment.  JK is in her 80's, a long time resident of St. Paul, and emigrated from the Czech Republic, the Sudetanland, after WWII.  She is truly a gem!  JK was thoroughly surprised and very impressed with the girls handiwork.  The moms were, too!

It was a special day for everyone.  These young ladies spread so much joy, happiness, and love today.   We are so proud of all of them!

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