Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Enjoying Little and Big Things

What else can you do besides knit when it's a bit rainy and the kids are watching The Fellowship of the Ring?  Blog of course!  Today I went into Nisswa to find a yarn shop or two.  I was lucky enough to find one.  The yarn was just gorgeous so I whipped up my latest knitting book find, Take Along Knitting, and decided on a project.  I'm going to try my hand at fulling yarn to make a needle case.  That should be interesting.  I chose BlueSky 100% Alpaca in a beautiful grape color #523.  I also picked up more needles in the right size to do the project.
Isn't that just lovely?

And here are a few pics of some of the little and big friends we've encountered while here.

We are having a wonderful time together.  It's so peaceful here and everyone is working well together.  It will feel great to return home refreshed for the tasks and chores ahead.  But for now, we are sleeping in, playing, cooking, fishing, shooting pop cans, hiking, reading, knitting, and soaking up all of this lakeside bliss in the North Woods.

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