Sunday, August 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Educational Music

I have a lot of musical influences, and they may not all be good.  I've gone through different phases with the genres of music I like.  Here are 7 favorites that I've justified listening to with the kids around for their educational value.

1.  Days of the Week - The Cure:  Friday I'm in Love

2.  Days of the Week - Black Eyed Peas:  I Gotta Feeling

3.  Counting in German - Kraftwerk:  Numbers

4.  Counting in Spanish - U2:  Vertigo (Intro)

5.  Correcting Grammar - Bodeans:  Good Things

6.  Back to School - White Stripes:  We're Going to Be Friends

7.  ASL - The Village People:  YMCA

I hope you are able to find learning comes naturally as you groove through life with all your favorite tunes!;)  See more Quick Takes over at Jen's Conversion Diary.  Of course, I didn't link to any of the actual tunes.  You can go look them up yourselves.  I'm too tired to do that because I stayed up way. too. late last night reorganizing for school to officially start!  Hah!  How's that for making you work and making you feel inferior all in the same post.  Evil woman, I know!;)

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