Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real - The "Projects" Edition

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Pretty & Happy

I love being busy with fun projects.  As Daddy has said countless times about me, "I love the smell of construction in the morning!"  Today, the construction crew is here to install three doors on the main level and 2 windows downstairs in the laundry room and family room.  Exciting!  Here are two of the doors being installed.  I love the color, btw.  This is Benjamin Moore's Tulsa Twilight which we had a bit of white added to make more of a Plum Royale.  This coordinates well with the Sandtone and Terratone colors we have around the door and window frames of the house.  The house is also made of Chicago pink brick which coordinates well with the color.  Yippee!

back door leading out to the deck

front door...the other side will be painted the purple color

Fun and Funny

The painted lady caterpillars are 3 times the size they were when we received them.

The tent caterpillar the kids caught at the art museum emerged as a dingy, brown moth.  He loves to stay near his chrysalis.   I can't believe this little experiment worked.


The kids have been busy memorizing lines, painting sets, and scheduling practice and performance times for their play.  They will be performing the last scene in  Twelfth Night for all the parents in August.  Meanwhile, I'm busy making a couple costumes for the twins, Viola & Sebastian.  I love these kinds of projects!

The kids had breakfast and line memorization on the deck to be out of the way of the workers.

This is a corset-style vest which will have a peplum, lining, and a sleeve added today.  This is Viola's.  Sebastian's will be blue.

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  1. I LOVE the color of that door too! We need to replace our front door but it's too hot right now. Maybe this fall. I'll have to remember this color!

  2. Yeah, I love it, too!:) Benjamin Moore has a cool color organizer that lets you select the colors you currently have and then add compliments to it. This is how we found Tulsa Twilight. Good luck and stay cool!

  3. Oh my goodness, you HAVE been busy! But in such wonderful ways!!

    Our front door is in tremendous need of a painting (as opposed to a $$$ replacement, which, admittedly, I would love) and I find myself inspired by this post to visit Lowe's.

    Will keep you posted, of course. We are nothing if not a blogging bunch!

    Oh, and you should email me with the locale of that play. It would be fun to see your kids perform.


  4. Margaret, I would love to have you & your bunch come to the play! It should be fun....all of their performances are.:) I'll let you know since the date changed due to the Dads'/kids' camping trip in August. The Director (Monica) deals well with change and mishaps unlike her mother.:( Yes, do keep us posted on the outcome of your visit to Lowe's. We dealt mostly with Menards, and all I can say is that I know more about that store than I ever cared to!

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  6. Hi Grace and Paul,
    Love the new doors, windows, lighting, paint colors - all of it is great. When is the big 5-0? Wish you a very happy birthday Paul.

  7. Thanks, Margaret! I will pass along the good wishes. Aug. 1 is Paul's birthday, but his party will be on Aug. 6th. We are so excited for's fun to plan a party for him.:)

  8. Wow, costume-making -- good for you! Thanks for joining!

  9. Leila, thanks for posting.:) I LOVE {phfr}...I think it's the highlight of my blogging week.


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