Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Joys of Childhood

There are many joys of childhood that I remember.  I would feel the wind on my face as I closed my eyes and would swing in our backyard for what seemed an endless amount of time until our mom would call me in to eat or to help with something.  I would stargaze on summer nights or listen to the announcer at the baseball field call out plays and names as a game would trail in the distance.  I remember the buzz of the lights from the baseball field and how I would watch all the bugs zoom in and out of those lights in a haze.  I would sit on an old tractor tire that my Dad dug/stuck into the ground upright for us to climb on.  I remember summer rains and how wonderful the smell of moist dirt smelled as I pressed my nose to our front screen door.  I would take in that smell of earth and feel so refreshed.  It was cool air that I would breathe in after sometimes very hot days.  On most evenings around 6PM my parents and I and sometimes my siblings would stand and lean on the hood of our station wagon and just talk.  My parents spoke to each other in Spanish while I would listen to their conversation.  Those were the first Spanish lessons I ever took.  I soaked up all I could mostly because I wanted to know what they were talking about.   Their conversations and our idling was always interrupted by the mosquito spraying truck.  This was a white truck, a city owned truck, manned by two city workers one of whom was our uncle.  The truck hauled a large tank that housed mosquito spray.  Even though it was not eco-friendly and was more closely related to a public gassing, we appreciated the rest of the bug-free evening.

Now we are making our own family memories with our kids.  Ours are a mix of what Daddy remembers as a child and what I remember as a child.  The kids will have very colorful stories to tell...I'm sure.  I love when I see our kids enjoying some of the things I enjoyed as a kid.  Here are a few pictures of some of their summer fun of late.

Making Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice on a Sunday Morning

Quilting with Friends

Playing at a Neighborhood Water Park

Swinging in the Backyard

Breakfast Dinners

Art with Miss Marianne

I hope all of you are enjoying summer, making memories, and keeping cool.  It's been so hot and muggy here that our windows and doors have had steam on them in the afternoons!  

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