Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whole Lot of Crazy Going On

On Sunday we took a little road trip to Sleepy Eye, MN (yes, it really does exist!) just southwest of New Ulm.  We were dropping off the two oldest girls plus two friends at their annual Schoenstatt Camp.  Schoenstatt is German for "beautiful place."  That it is!

The little Shrine on the grounds.  It only holds about 20 people comfortably!

We have been hampered for a while by a nonfunctioning CD player in the van.  Nick doesn't do well on road trips...

 so we had to come up with a solution.

The MTA (Mother Thrice Admirable) was guiding us safely there and back.

Happy Baby!

I've been missing the girls and feeling like I've been working a construction job every day around 5PM.  I've been so physically exhausted!  I'm now realizing just how much the girls help me around the house with anything from childcare to food prep.  I'm going to have to start paying them for being my Mother's Helper!  

I've also been working like a fiend trying to finish recovering the chairs.  Three of them actually needed new foam so I had to steal pick some up at Joanne's.  This stuff is expensive because it's made from petroleum.  Sheesh!

I used the old cushion as a template.

Here's the outline before I cut it.

I got my handy dandy serrated knife.

It cut like a hot knife through butta!


I added a little glue to adhere the cushion to the wood seat.

Next, I wrapped it in batting.

This worked very well.  After I stapled the batting to the seat bottom, I took my fabric, wrapped it all up and stapled that on.  The seat is great!  It's very firm and now only needs the piping added to it so it will look like these...

While all this was going on, there was a lot of activity downstairs.  We are having old windows replaced in 4 different locations.

This one is being replaced on the east side of the house.  Another window just like it will be replaced in the laundry room.

This one is being replaced on the west side of the house in the girls' new room (used to be the office).  Another one just like it will be replaced by the living area where we have our sectional and television.  This type of window can be opened to let in a breeze of air and is clear enough to let sunlight in downstairs.  Yes!!!!  I am a child of the light.:)

The other kids have been enjoying a lot of play time at an intramural sports program at our local Catholic school.  They've also been dodging the raindrops for snacks and games on the deck.

We had a lot of sirens today but no tornadoes!  Phew!  Try getting all your kids down in a basement that's a construction zone.  No, thank you!

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