Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tired But Happy

We've had a very busy last two weeks.  We've visited or been visited by several godparents at one party, Mass, or other gathering.  Even though the older girls didn't participate in Little Flowers this semester, they were still able to participate (thanks to the lovely ladies that continued) in the Little Flowers tea/quilting party.  I was asked to take charge of the quilting project, and I have to say I am very proud of the girls.  I did very little preparation, and they both hand and machine sewed the quilt top.

Aren't these gals amazing?

We've also been busy with schoolwork...we'll be schooling through the summer...and new schedules.  Soccer has been in full swing, and the kids are loving the outdoors.

Monica is on a traveling team, and Lucas and Molly are on the same team with Daddy as their coach.

We decided to take our knowledge of the Flower Fairies from the Alphabet Path and apply that to our gardening this year.  We selected both Columbine and Buglewood for our shady bed close to the ferns.  Meanwhile, the azaleas were put in the front yard in front of the Buckthorns.  We're also anticipating the peony blooms!  This year we'll get two flowers which is not bad for having them transplanted and losing one to a blight of mold last year.  The stalks are very strong so it has taken root and will get bigger and bigger as years go by.

At a recent trip to Walgreens, I found a travel size version of the Guess Who? game.  I've been waiting to run across one after seeing Jessica's post on a Guess Who? Saints version.  You can see her post here. Since I have the travel version which is much smaller, I had to make my own template of saint cards.  It was fairly easy to make.  Today the kids played several games, and I am happy they are familiarizing themselves with many saints they either didn't know at all or knew just a bit about.  This is by far one of the cutest projects we've done!

And the very cool thing about the travel version is this...

it snaps together and fits inside my purse!  

Now we can play anywhere and did.  The kids were playing this evening while waiting at piano lessons when one mom commented, "That's great!  You have to focus on details, and you get to know the saints."
I don't know her and much less know if she's Catholic, but what a witness.  The kids were evangelizing right there with their little game!

Enjoy the weekend!  I will because I'll be at the Catholic Homeschool Conference at St. Thomas with Daddy.  Yippee!!

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