Wednesday, June 29, 2011

St. Anthony, St. Francis! Sts. Peter & Paul, we need you! UPDATE:)

After cleaning the cages yesterday, the girls forgot to put the water bottle back in the hole in the top of the cage.:(  Bitty has been climbing the sides of the cage so I had joked that one day he would escape.  Well, he did!  He's either loose somewhere in the house, or he's outside about to be killed by a predator.  I'm just imagining finally smelling a smell of a dead thing in one of the closets.  Please say a quick prayer we find Bitty soon.  We purchased a live trap to catch him.  Monica will be baiting it shortly!

Bitty has been found!  The neighbor girl, Milah, came over to help Monica look.  She started looking in a closet taking every shoe out to inspect.  On the first shoe, she exclaimed that Bitty was right there staring back at her!  We're so relieved.:)  Thanks for the prayers.  Those saints work quick!

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