Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Real Treasure

It's no secret we live in a Democratic state.  It's evident with the numbers of social reform and welfare organizations, last week's Pride parade, and all the tax dollars getting sucked out of our pocketbooks.  One definitely has to look on the bright side of being "happy to pay for a better Minnesota!"  One of the many ways our tax dollars are used is for park upkeep.  We are fortunate enough to live near a beautiful park and pond.  It is a county park nestled in our neighborhood which is even tucked away from one of the main highways.  I have posted a few times on the beautiful things we find at the park from wildlife to flowers.  It's always a nature-filled experience when we go there.

Today I shooed the kids out of the house, told them to take their sketch books, and bike to the park.  They obediently went.  When Nick woke up from his nap, I gathered up a few snacks, loaded Nick and Jane in the wagon, and left for the park.  The kids were happy to show me their sketches and even happier that I had a snack!

Monica and Maria quickly grabbed the camera and started a photo shoot with Jane.  She loves to have her picture taken so she is a willing subject.

Dinnertime always calls us back home.  Until next time...

I guess today I'm happy to pay for a better Minnesota!:)

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