Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real...Backtracking Edition

round button chicken

I realized I never posted anything about Daddy's sidetrip with the kids and my brother to New Mexico while we were away in Texas.  The pics they took are really great!


This is a pic of the kids...Jane is one of the mission churches.
Photo credit goes to Daddy.

I love this white window with that beige, adobe background.
Photo credit goes to Monica.


They were happy to find a labyrinth they could run through!
Photo credit goes to Daddy.

Daddy just had to snap a pic of the beautiful Spanish tile at the La Fonda Hotel.
They stopped there for a potty break.:)
Jane didn't want Daddy to look at her so SHE covered HER eyes!

Spray Painting Cadillacs at the end of their sidetrip
Photo credits go to Daddy and Maria.

Yes, they really did go without me!  I can't believe he didn't ask for a legal separation after this trip!  I really am married to a gem of a husband.:)
Photo credit goes to my brother!
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