Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Monday

Daddy passed off the tasks of conditioning and staining the new front door to me and the kids.  Since Monica was busy finishing up work for her Logic class and the younger kids were at morning sports, the job was left to Maria and me.

This was easier than I thought unless we screwed something up!:(

In other science-related news, one of the hermit crabs provided quite the science lesson today.  Lucas noticed a white "thing" next to the crab's shell.  Curiosity led us to grab the shell and inspect it.  Upon further inspection, we found something moving inside that had claws much like a crab.  We also picked up the white thing which looked like claws and like half the body was torn off.  We immediately suspected the crab was attacked and half eaten.  Quickly, we thought to do a Google search on hermit crabs and molting.  Monica found that hermit crabs do indeed molt, but should remain undisturbed.  The crab is apparently very soft still and must be allowed to harden in its shell.  The newly molted crab will then EAT his molted exoskeleton....I guess there's some important protein there.  Needless to say, the girls returned the shell and moltings where we found everything to see if the crab survives after all of our manipulating.:(  I hope it does make it.  The crabs have been a lot of fun to watch!

Sorry for the fuzzy picture.  It's hard to focus with so many moving water particles.:(
The shell is obvious, but look next to it.  Those orange, little tips are the tips of the molted claws.   The
fuzzy white above that is the part of the exoskeleton that looked ripped off and eaten.  Cool, huh?!

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