Monday, June 13, 2011

Fiery Engagement

I was so tickled to see Betty Beguiles call for engagement stories.  We were just talking about it last evening after Daddy leaned over to me during dinner and whispered, "Happy Anniversary."  He proposed to me 13 years ago yesterday, Pentecost Sunday.  Here are the gory details...

The Background

At the time, I was living with two other gals one of whom I was constantly borrowing a cute pair of boot shoes from her wardrobe.  I loved those shoes.  I think I wore them more than she did.  Little did I know that Daddy was noticing that I was very fond of this pair that was not my own.

This is a similar style.  Cute huh?

The Set Up

On Pentecost Sunday, Daddy called me up and asked if I'd like to walk over to Seminary Hill with him to watch the sunset.  That was a little odd as Daddy is a hopeless romantic.  This is the same man that gives me these same little hearts on cards every year no matter the occasion.

He drove over and strangely had a backpack slung over one shoulder.  I asked if he wanted to leave this at my apartment, but he declined.  I actually insisted he leave it, but he refused.  Frustrated, we left and walked over through the U of D grounds and on to Seminary Hill.  There is a little bench there...I wonder if it is still there...that overlooks Las Colinas very nicely that you can see the sunset over.  It was absolutely beautiful.  It was upon taking this in that Daddy started to unpack his backpack.  He was so thrilled with the contents...a box, a shoebox.   I opened the box and found a pair of shoes similar to my roommates pair.  They were beautiful!  Daddy, however, shocked me by falling down to the ground and proceeding to pull my own shoe off so that I could try on one of the new shoes.  Because of  this, I was about to go postal on him.  Anyone who knows me knows that there are two things that I don't allow anyone to nose and my feet!  I was so angry with him for pulling my foot back that I tried to shove him off.  He overpowered me pulling off my shoe to which I was about to beat him!  He further continued to force my foot into one of the new shoes.  I was so irate at this point I screamed at him that there was a bit of paper down at the toe that would need to be removed if he wanted my foot to go further!  He stopped.  He reached into the toe of the shoe and proceeded to remove the paper.  It was what happened next that threw me into yet another fit of emotion.  He looked up at me as he was kneeling in front of me on the ground and showed me a beautiful diamond ring.  At this point, I don't think I was breathing which would explain my first comment to him after this all unfolded.  He proceeded to ask me if I would marry him to which I replied, "I think I'm going to throw up!"  Shocked that I said that, I also blurted out, "Yes! Of course, I'll marry you.  You're such an idiot.  No, no, you're not an idiot.  I mean, yes, are you sure?  Are you sure you want to marry me?"  There were tears, there was a lot of hyperventilating, and joy....lots and lots of joy.  He cried, too, and hugged me and consoled me.  He did want to marry me...little ol' me!

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