Friday, June 24, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Weekday Link-Ups

When I started blogging again in earnest, I found all kinds of memes out for every day of the week.  Unless you plan out and schedule your link-ups, you're bound to fall off the wagon sooner or later.  I've found that it's best to just shoot for one if not a couple per week.  Some weeks I don't do them at all.  Sheesh!  Most times, I'm scrambling for material, taking pics left, right, and center, and trying to shoo everyone away from me so I can type my post and link it up!  This can be very stressful.  In case, you're an over-achieving blogger, here's a quick list of the daily link-ups I've found.  Knock yourself out!

1.  Monday - The Simple Woman's Daybook...I'm anything but a simple woman.  I'm very complex, very out of the ordinary, a plain old pandora's box.

I need to mail this package out to a friend who just had a baby.
If I wait too long, the clothes just may not fit!:(

2.  Tuesday - Tackle It Tuesday...I'm not one for tackling that much on Tuesday since I'm usually tuckered out from Monday's mayhem.  How's that for a little alliteration?:)  However, this week I tackled the windows that were installed by priming and painting them.  I also got those 3 last chairs covered.  All's left is the piping and backing!  

3.  Wednesday - Wordless Wednesday...If you've noticed, I can't do a post with only a picture.  I inevitably will add a caption to describe why I chose the pic, or I, at the very least, have got to say a little "hello" or "have a good week"...That's just how I roll.;)

4.  Thursday - Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real...I really am enjoying this one.  I get to knock out 4 different pics all in one post, and I don't need a lot of wording.  Quick that!

5.  Friday - 7 Quick Takes...This is what I'm doing now!  The lovely Jen over at Conversion Diary just had her Conversion Baby Girl.:)  Her name is Pamela Scholastica.  That's quite the name.:)

The girls are happy to be home.  I'm happy they're home, too.:)

6.  Weekend - I typically don't do any blogging on Saturday or Sunday, and I'd rather not.  If anyone has a good meme, though, please pass it along.  Sometimes, I blog on the weekend just to catch up and archive stuff from the week.:)

Unlike not blogging on the weekend, I really do weigh my food every day of the week.:)

7.  This was a lot of fun to give a shout out to those blogs that host pretty interesting memes.  Do you have a meme that you'd like to launch?  If so, I just might link up!;)

See more Quick Takes over at Hallie's place this week.

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