Friday, May 27, 2011

Fitness Friday...Challenge for Me!

Joining the lovely Halley over at Betty Beguiles, I thought I'd subject myself to a little lesson in humility that just might spark me to kick it in gear and get my body moving.

I was very excited to have dropped yet another dress size over the last 2 months!  Yeah!  Consequently, I've enjoyed wearing more skirts because of the warmer weather and their flattering and feminine effect on mommies.:)

However, I have a few things I need to work on...(here goes the humility!)


I really need to start walking again in the morning, taking walks with the kids, and biking.  Running is out of the question since I can't run....I won't say why.  Just take my word for it.:)  I think I'm doing pretty well for having seven kiddies.  I just know I need a ways to go.
Progress not Perfection!

(I think you'll like these, Betty!  The purchase was definitely inspired by you.:)

Violet Wedges with Cute Bows!

I actually dropped a shoe size also!:)

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