Monday, April 4, 2011

Making My Day

I was already on a high because of Laetare Sunday, but the day just kept getting better and better!  I was pleased to be able to eat at a fundraiser/Polish dinner after Mass with all the kids and Daddy.  It was also nice to catch up with a friend.

Next, Daddy and I did a blitzkrieg on our closet in the afternoon.  This is what's going...

And this is the final product!  Roomy isn't it?

One of the little treasures I found that actually fit after 12 years of being hidden at the back of that closet and the closet of my last master bedroom was a pair of boots....THE pair of boots that I listed here.

Check out that stitching!  I love it!

I was unable to wear these shortly after we were married because my foot started to swell during my first pregnancy.  Since I kept gaining weight after Monica was born and for my subsequent pregnancies, my foot size went up to almost a 9!  Before I was married I was a 7 1/2!  Well, I was super-ecstatic to find that I could get my feet into these boots fairly easily and keep them on rather comfortably.  Boots need time to be broken in which is why I've been wearing them in my waking hours since yesterday afternoon.  It's uncanny how boots give you an air of confidence and a definite "Don't mess with me!" attitude.  Pure...Joy!  Oh, and we went to see True Grit Saturday night which went providentially with the finding of the boots.  It was a great movie...good lines, great accents, and a fireball of a main character.

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