Monday, April 4, 2011

He's Leaving Soon:(

He's been frantically trying to finish up work before he leaves.

Someone didn't give up chocolate for Lent!

He's packed all of his cruise wear.

Those white garments are not his underwear!

He's brushed up on the language and tourist information.

Don't you love the library?  We do!

His poster is nicely folded...very cool, BTW!

His poster was printed on fabric from a company in California.
This way he can roll it up and fold it around his clothes instead
of carrying a tube.  How slick is that?!

We're going to miss him tons...especially me which reminds me of a post I did years ago on this very subject.  You can find that here.  Say a little prayer I don't try to fold myself up along with that poster in his carry-on!

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