Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Giveaway!

It's not a very good button, but you might like to win this for your little kiddies....
You can see it better here at Oriental Trading.  I purchased a set for our children, but one of my figurines came with a broken head.  I called to see what the company would do, and they are going to send me another set.  I don't need two sets, and I'm happy to get out the crazy glue to glue on my Roman guard's head so you can have the good set!  Just leave a comment (I know I closed comments for Lent, but I'll open them for this giveaway!) and feel free to spread the word on your blogs or grab the button and link back here.  Oriental Trading is overnighting the new set to me so I'll take comments until tomorrow evening, Thursday, at 10PM.  You won't get it in time for Palm Sunday, but at least you can have the set for Holy Week and years to come.  Good Luck!

1.  Commenters with a continental U.S. address only are eligible to win.

2.  Commenters will be entered in a random drawing.

3.  One of my kids will pick the winning entry.

4.  Winner will be posted on Friday morning.


  1. We would be happy to have either set - most things in our house have crazy glue on them somewhere! :-)

    I'll post about this on my blog. Good luck and give me a jingle about this weekend.

    God Bless!

  2. Grace, you are always so full of great ideas!

    On another note, I'm SO excited to have your family participate in the neighborhood sale...we look forward to seeing you more this summer!

    Blessings to your whole family!

    ~Dayna Francis

  3. Thanks so much for doing this! Like HappyMom, I would also be happy with the repaired set. God bless!


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