Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Change of Pace

Monday Daddy and I made a few decisions regarding the rest of our time away from MN.  We decided to split for a while to keep all of our family and ultimately ourselves happy.  We took a little side trip to pick up a little gear.

After all the kids were outfitted, I decided to pick up an extra little bag to help me tote my stuff around while the rest of the crew is away from me.  Cute, huh?

So I'm here in Texas spending a little extra time with my punk-arse kid sister and my parents while Daddy, my punk-arse kid brother, and all.the.kids are sightseeing in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I hope they bring back a bit of turquoise for me!  I.love.turquoise.

Our plan is to meet up on Thursday in Amarillo to head back north.  Amarillo is known for this...

Amarillo Photos
Can you eat a 72 oz. steak?  Oh, come on!

This photo of Amarillo is courtesy of TripAdvisor

and this...

Cadillac Ranch...What do you do with old, beat up Cadillacs?
Stick them in the ground...didn't you know that?
Meanwhile, it's been extra windy around here.  I don't remember dust storms at all...the smell of money, yes, but dust storms?  NO!

Dust Storm

Hope your Easter Octave is going well.  Mine is a bit...different.  It's not what I would've expected, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless.:)

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