Monday, April 18, 2011

Break Before Scrambling

I didn't really have any huge plans for the kids for Holy Week.  I thought maybe we would get started early on the pysanky in order to have some eggs colored for Easter.  We definitely attend all the Sacred Triduum ceremonies and have special quiet times in our home along with special music from Pandora and other CD's we get from freebie mailouts.

I thought we would just have a quiet week since we already had our Seder meal on Saturday.

I think my lack of having more planned is very providential.  I'm taking this small break before I run upstairs, locate bags and suitcases, wash four loads of laundry, and start packing.  Just like the Israelites fleeing from Egypt, we hope to hit the road for the Promised Land (Texas!) tomorrow morning at the butt crack of dawn!!  

As circumstances would have it, my father is not doing the best and the only thing holding us back from going to visit them now as opposed to August was Molly's scheduled First Communion next Saturday.  However, we've made our decision to go and are trying to get a special permission to have her receive in Texas with my family.  I think that will be so special as my parents have not witnessed any except one of our children's sacraments because of my father's health.  The trip to Minnesota from Texas was always too much for his body to take.  So we'll be on the move and who knows what the next couple weeks will look like.  This definitely has been what our Lent has been about....acceptance, humility, and submission to God's will.  And for those of you who get these posts in your e-mail...I can't wait to see you all.  We'll be together Dios quiere!

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