Sunday, April 17, 2011

Along the Alphabet Path - M Week

This was a very fun week for all of us.  Even though Daddy was away, we had a fun time with all the M things.:)  We even M-issed him!

M is for Mallow Fairy, Sts. Martin, Michael, Martha, and Matthew; Milk, McDonald's,
and Matryoshka

Books We Read

Is Your Mama a Llama
On Market Street
If You Take a Mouse to School
Madeline and the Gypsies


Letter M Formation and Stamping Work
Maps - South America
Memory Game


Ritz Munchables

The matryoshka dolls were a discovery.  Because the girls were studying Russian History two weeks ago, our activity book suggested we work on Ukranian easter eggs.  That led me to do a search and find this very unique place in an area I've been by several times.  I guess until you're looking for something, you find it!  Along with the Matryoshka I picked up the tools to do pysanky with the children.  This is incredible, and I hope we are able to at least decorate a few eggs.  If you're in the area of Roseville at Cty. C and Fairview, you have to stop and check out this gem of a shop!

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